DIY Summer Drinks

While we love hosting your night out and slingin' cocktails for you, we also know sometimes a night at home is preferred! Plus, we want you to be well prepared and educated while we're closed in Jan. We've come up with our Top 5 Summer Cocktails that we know you can master. Sgropino 1 Scoop Lemon Sorbet 60 ml Prosecco 10 ml Vodka 1/2 Scoop Ice Blend together in blender, serve in Champagne Flute, garnish with twist of lemon. Frozè Rosè 1 Scoop Lemon Sorbet 90 ml Rosè Wine (we recommend a full body one, think Barossa, Australia, instead of Provence, France) Handful of frozen berries (strawberries, cherries or raspberries) 30 ml Vodka 1/2 Scoop of ice Blend together in blender, serve in wine g


On Wednesdays, we drink pink. Come to think of it, we drink pink Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays... You get the picture. At Cru we love our Pink! We currently have two Sparkling Rosés (a Champagne from Bouzy and a Cava from Catalunya), seven Rosé Wines from across the world (Australia, Spain, Italy, France), and the ever-so-famous Froze Cocktail. Why do we love rosé so much? It's perfect year round, no matter the weather. It's great with food, no matter the cuisine. Basically, it goes with everything everyday. Winter is the perfect time to open up a deep, bold luscious rosé from the Barossa Valley (Try our Rockford Alicante Bouchet) While warm summers call for a bottle of crisp, clean, dry r

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