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In May 2017, Cru took a big step forward in the city voted "Best Coffee in the World" by the Herlad Sun in 2017...

We began roasting our own coffee.

Over the past four years, Cru has served coffee from different roasters across Melbourne; building our knowledge and understanding of brewing and roasting coffee. Over these years we began to learn what our customers wanted, and with our confidence buzzing (or maybe that was one too many espressos...), we decided it was time for our own blend.

The first step was developing a coffee blend that matched our customers' taste - A stronger flavour like a classic Italian roast, but with lower acidity and clean aftertaste.

After weeks of Claudio & Tony working with our new friends, CRU was proud to release our own signature coffee, THE BRAVO! BLEND


Origin- Brazil, Columbia and El Salvador.

Nose - Aromas of chocolate and spice.

Palate- Notes of cocoa, hazelnuts, and a hint of liquorice. Considered to have a "slow floral finish".

The Facts:

Colour: Full City

Uniformity: Excellent Creama Colour: Tiger Stripes

The Scales: (1 - 5)

Aroma: 5

Flavour: 4

Body: 4

Acidity: 2

Aftertaste: 3

Craving our coffee on your mornings at home? Have no fear! The BRAVO! BLEND is avaiable for purchase at Cru in either whole bean or pre-ground. We're also happy for you to email us here to order for pickup at Cru.

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