The "Queen of CRU"

You may have seem her sniffing around CRU.

Or maybe lounging on the corner bench by the marble tables, head resting on a stripped cushion.

Known for her fluffy coat & loving cuddles, she now stands out with her own CRU Staff Tee-Shirt!

We are proud to introduce our four legged honorary staff member, Boo:

Name: Boo Fekete

Age: 6 years young (42 in dog years)

Weight: 22kg

Breed: Labradoodle

Breeder: Tasmanian Labradoodles Tasmania

Loves: CRU

Leaving the house for adventures




Couches and Beds for naps (pillows required)



Scoobie Snacks

Photo Shoots



Heavy rain and cold (it messes with the Booffant (bouffant...)



Being woken up

Goals, Hopes & Dreams:

To be a model in the 2018 Diamond Dogs Fashion Show.

Boo and her humans have been attending CRU since doors opened in 2012.

Boo is always eager to make friends, both four legged and two.

Always a quiet, respectful lady, Boo has gained the honorary title of "Queen of CRU".

She is happy to play with the other dogs (shout-out to Magnum, Lucy, Wesley, Alfred, and all the rest!), give them their space, and let Courtyard guests of all ages give her a cuddle and a pat.

When she isn't wearing her CRU Uniform, you can often find her in cozy jumpers and fun costumes.

Favourite foods include the brunch essentials - Bacon & Freshly Squeezed OJ.

Boo enjoys a party, just like everyone else.

In fact, she loves CRU so much, she had her birthday with us.

Next Sunday Brunch in the Courtyard, make sure you give her a pat, and make sure she knows the answer to "Who's a good girl?!"

The answer is Boo. Boo is a good girl.

For all media inquiries, please contact Boo's PR Team, led by Steff Fekete. Please contact via Instagram @boofekete

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